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CHOOSE THE PET YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR MONTHLY! If you would like to help us provide for a specific pet until they are adopted, we offer several options to help cover everything they may need on a monthly basis.
Routine vaccinations, microchipping, heartworm testing and spay/neuter to prepare a dog for adoption averages $225 per dog. After that, every dog also needs nutritious food and monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative, plus chew toys, bedding, and a crate. Most also benefit from formal training and many of our dogs had special medical needs initially or require ongoing medication to keep them healthy. A few are boarding because we did not have a foster home available when they needed to be re-saved after their original rescue abandoned them and we could not bear to see them die. Boarding at small, rescue-friendly kennels averages $115 per week.

You can follow the rescue pets in our program and the others you enable us to help on our facebook page. Our program dogs all have their own albums in the "photos" section, where you can learn more about them and see current pictures.

Thank you so much for your compassion and generosity. Without your ongoing support, nothing we do would be possible.
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